Call us on 01244 683399 24/7 to make a booking.
All bookings are to made by calling us on 01244 683399 24/7, via our contact page or by emailing

All bookings, amendments or cancellations must be followed up by e-mail which we will acknowledge and confirm on receipt of e-mail.

While we do our best to provide you with the vehicle you request there may be times when an alternative vehicle may be offered.

Information we need for all bookings are as follows:-

General Bookings

Airport Bookings

Seaport Bookings

  • Date, time and address of pick up
  • Number of passengers
  • Destination
  • Time of return booking
  • Pick up point for return journey
  • Contact number
  • Date, time and address of pick up
  • Number of passengers
  • Amount of luggage
  • Which Airport and Terminal
  • Return flight arrival time
  • Return flight number
  • Arriving from
  • Contact number

We monitor incoming flight arrival times and provide a meet and greet service ensuring your driver will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall with a name board clearly displaying your name or company name when your flight arrives.

  • Date, time and address of pick up
  • Number of passengers
  • Seaport destination
  • Date, time and port of disembarkation
  • Time of disembarkation
  • Contact number

In the unlikely situation you are unable to locate your driver, please call our office where we will contact our driver to advise him of your location.

When and how you pay for a booking

There are various ways you can pay for your journey as follows:-

  • An account can be opened for you with us in which we will invoice you on a monthly basis with payment terms of 30 days.
  • You can provide our accounts department with you credit card details in order to charge your card after each journey and will forward a VAT invoice/receipt of payment via e-mail.
  • If you prefer to pay on route, all our cars carry credit card terminals and an e-mail receipt will be sent directly to your email address.

All invoices will show a full breakdown of the costs for each individual journey including VAT.


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